Banana Organic leaf Pre Roll King size cones | Vibes Papers Wholesale
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      Banana Organic leaf Pre Roll King size cones | Vibes Papers Wholesale

      Cured Leaf Wraps (xxx size) Natural Banana Leaf

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      (19 customer reviews)

      xxx size leaf

      Approxiamate size 6.6” by 4.6”


      This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


      Banana Organic leaf  Natural  | Vibes Papers Wholesale
      6.6” by 4.6”
      not packaged

      XXX Size Limited
      Cured Leaf Of Banana
      48-day handpicked virgin leaves of banana
      Slow dried, Fermented, Cured

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      Weight N/A
      Dimensions 6.6 × 4.6 in

      4, 20, 50

      19 reviews for Cured Leaf Wraps (xxx size) Natural Banana Leaf

      1. Alex

        Really nice environmentally protected product.

      2. James

        Cured Rolling Leaf Wrap is one of the safest product for me to use. It is healthier and nature friendly.

      3. Debbie Jones

        These are awesome and perfect for rolling big gars. The smoke is so smooth and slow burning

      4. developer

        Nice nature protected product.

      5. Allen

        I really like this product since last week I recommend to use it in order to protect nature.

      6. David

        Good Quality Product. I highly recommend it.

      7. Alexa

        It is one of the best rolling leaf wraps that I ever used. Thanks to the Million Bananas sales team.

      8. Michael

        Excellent services.

      9. Bob Smith

        Highly Professional and always take care of our needs.

      10. Oliver

        Perfect size and I like the convenience of the pre-rolled cone made with raw materials rather than using tobacco filters to roll.

      11. Martin

        These are great and much less expensive than other brands. I highly recommend it.

      12. Joseph

        I used them and each time the entire wrap would catch on fire and burn the paper 100x faster than the actual herb. Thanks for providing me such an amazing product.

      13. Alexander

        I really love these rolling leaves wraps. They are convenient and easy to use.

      14. Alexander

        Good quality product. I really enjoyed it.

      15. Adam

        It looks very lovely and feels and looks like a real banana leaf. I am very happy with this purchase.

      16. Alexander

        This is one of the best rolling leaves I have ever used. You must enjoy your blunt even more.

      17. Bob

        These rolling leaf wraps are the right size and burn nicely. Thanks for providing it.

      18. Alexa

        These are convenient and burn slowly. I really love these leaf cones.

      19. Adam Smith

        I really love this product. Its flavor is amazing.

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