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The Million Bananas team holds a strong credence in the value of nature. We are compassionate in organics movement and strive for quality with purity. We thank you for being proactive and passionate in your conservancy of Mother Earth. Buy Banana Leaves online at Best Price from Million Bananas in association with Organitips Distribution LLC. Buy in bulk for best discounts on the entire range of products like banana natural leaf paper, banana natural leaf wrap, banana Rolling Blunt wrap, banana rolling leaf, leaf of Banana, million bananas natural leaf, non tobacco leaf, organitips, rolling tip, wood filter tip

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Million Bananas 6 pouch(2count)

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Million Bananas CBD Seal 10ml

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Trio Combo Million Bananas 2 Pouch, Organitips Carry Box, Million Bananas Glass Tube Box with Organitips

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Million Bananas 3 Pouch and Organitips Combo Deal

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Million Bananas 1 Carton (25 pouches)

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Million Bananas 6 pouch(2 leaf ct) 0051497018221

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Organitips Wood Filter Tips Fatty Size Jar

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Million Bananas 3 Glass Tube

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OrganiTips Honey Jar 250 (count)

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Organitips Sugar Cane Jar (250ct)

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Organitips Honey Personal Mini Jar(50ct)

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Organitips Grape Jar (250count)

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Organitips Fatty Size (18count)

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