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      7 Jun, 2023

      Rolling with Style and Substance: Embracing Organic Blunt Wraps

      Rolling a blunt is an art form that brings together style, substance, and a touch of creativity. For those who enjoy the ritual of rolling their own blunts, the choice of wrapping plays a significant role in the overall experience. In this blog, pres

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      2 Jun, 2023

      Discover the Perfect Twist with Million Bananas: Organic Banana Blunt Wraps

      Welcome to the world of Million Bananas, where innovation meets nature to bring you the finest organic banana blunt wraps. Are you tired of conventional tobacco-based blunt wraps? Do you seek a healthier alternative that doesn’t compromise on t

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      Organic banana blunt wrap
      25 Apr, 2023

      What are the benefits of organic banana blunt wraps?

      Natural banana blunt wraps are gaining popularity among cannabis users. It helps them find a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to traditional blunt wraps. Looking at this need of cannabis users, Million Bananas have developed a one-stop solution

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      4 Jan, 2023

      How to roll blunt wrap?

      Blunt wraps are a popular choice for those who enjoy smoking cannabis. They are typically made from tobacco leaves and are used to roll cannabis into a cylindrical shape, creating a more enjoyable and flavourful smoking experience. If you’re ne

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      5 things to know about First and only cured rolling banana leaf in the world
      3 Dec, 2022

      5 things to know about First and only cured rolling banana leaf in the world

      For more than 2000 years, Americans have been using tobacco products for chewing and smoking purposes. Smoking has been in society for so long. The methods and stuff have changed, but the urge and temptation to smoke haven’t. Smoking is an expe

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