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      9 May, 2022

      Why should you try banana leaf wraps instead of conventional tobacco wraps to smoke?

      The selection of the best blunt for smokers has always been a challenge. The debate over the best blunt wrap will be the point of discussion among the smokers community. The blunt smokers split, gut, and roll their medleys with the same tobacco-deriv

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      20 Jan, 2022

      Why cured banana leaves are best for rolling?

      Smoking has been a part of human history for a long. The methods to consume dry intoxications are ever-evolving and changing. With various innovations and adaptations to newer processes and methodologies, people consume the vapours and keep smolderin

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      29 Oct, 2021

      Why Banana Leaf Wraps And Cones Are The Alternative Way To Go?

      Banana leaf wraps and cones are made with the best and freshest leaves available. It’s easy for people to notice the difference by going the extra mile and carefully selecting banana leaves to prepare cones and wraps. Banana Leaf cones and wrap

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      31 Jan, 2020

      Banana Leaf Trade Show – Catch Million Banana at Champ Trade Show

      Champ trade, the name does not require any introduction as it has emerged as a wonderful platform to showcase the smoke shop industry. From retailers, wholesalers to regular customers to people who love smoking or associated with the smoke shop indus

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      Smoking Banana Leaves | Shop Now | Million Bananas
      21 Oct, 2019

      Smoking Banana Leaves

      Have you guys ever experienced smoking banana Leaves? NO? Well let’s change that up in this short content I will show you how I used @millionbananasusa wraps for my “GAR” we shall call this a BANANAGAR. Made with my @purplerosesupply G2 small c

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