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      Smooth, long-lasting and enriching smoking experience!!

      Smoking is a long-run habit of some sections of human society. Million bananas are reshaping the smoking experience with their natural, vegan, organic, synthetic-free and chemical-less roll leaf wraps.

      Million bananas have come up with banana leaf wraps to offer organic and vegan alternates to use as blunt wraps, which are undoubtedly better than conventional wraps.

      Million bananas offer an experience to enrich with banana leaf blunt wraps. It makes the user feel elegant. Million bananas provide a variety of rolling leaf in Canada with other options like blunt leaf Canada and most awaited rolling papers in Canada.

      With the No-GMO cured banana leaves, million bananas ensure that our products are eco-friendly. The smoker’s communities in the cosmos like Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary prefer Million bananas cured banana leaves and rolling leaves with preservative-free rolling leaves.

      The cured leaves from million bananas are a fine quality product that lasts long. Smoking has been a long-time practice in human society. We cannot prevent everyone from smoking but can alter the administration routes of smoke.

      With the advent of banana leaf wraps, we try to slash down the harmful impacts of the paper used as blunt.

      Stay healthy!! Use Organic – Use Million Bananas!!

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