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      5 things to know about First and only cured rolling banana leaf in the world

      For more than 2000 years, Americans have been using tobacco products for chewing and smoking purposes. Smoking has been in society for so long. The methods and stuff have changed, but the urge and temptation to smoke haven’t. Smoking is an experience that needs steady evolution despite its consistent harmful effects. Smoking is a weird experience. With many users to explore, conventional smoking companies offer multiple product lines. With these newly introduced product lines products, the product changes but the way of using it remains the same. What if you come across a difference in the smoking experience? What if you used a different cured rolling banana leaf (instead of the conventional leaf) and explored a different dimension of the smoking zone?

      Let’s figure it out.

      Million Bananas has come up with a significant difference in the conventional way of smoking. It has introduced cured rolling banana leaves for the first time globally.

      The advent of banana rolling burnt leaves to smokers is a new experience. The exposure of banana leaves to cured rolling leaves can help smokers in multiple ways.

      Million bananas has introduced the first and only cured rolling leaf in the world to significantly impact smokers. It has helped people smoke in a less harmful rolling leaf to explore a more rational and significant way to smoke.

      Why the world’s first and only cured rolling banana leaf?

      For ages, the way to smoke has been the same. The impact of smoking is harmful and has caused many people to develop various diseases. The cost of treating these diseases is huge.

      This needs two ways to overcome the issues of the post-smoking syndrome.

      Either stop people from smoking or offer them a sustainable option that causes less harmful

      Million bananas has come up with a sustainable smoking banana rolling leaf to ensure smokers a much better option than conventional smoking options.

      Five things to know about first and only cured banana leaf:

      Knowing a significant difference, a rolling cured banana leaf brings to smokers is imperative. It benefits smokers who are deprived of it because they lack such meaningful products.

      Let’s find out the five things (propositions) that can be a new experience for smokers.

      1. Natural: Unlike the conventional blunt wraps to smoke, banana leaves are natural. The banana leaf is organic and hence less dangerous smokers than the paper used in cigarettes and other smoking products, created and processed with machines.

      2. Vegan: Banana leaf wraps are considered vegan unlike conventional practices and products. Nowadays, being vegan has become the new norm, and in these Covid-19 times, people make every effort to use products that make that claim.

      3. No Synthetics used: The synthetic products may cause damage to the body while the organic can be good for health. The banana rolling leaves are readily available and have an easy and ready-to-use method, the curved banana leaf wraps are considered more natural, organic, and least synthetic. The cured rolling banana leaf product ensures the non-synthetic product to keep your product less harmful.

      4. Lack of preservatives: Preservatives can maintain a product’s shelf-life but destroy its beneficial organic traits. That is the reason several users in the market use preservatives. As an alternative to conventional papers and other materials, banana leaf wraps don’t contain any preservatives. This makes it a better option for smoking than using standard paper or other items.

      5. Non-GMO: Million Banana provide you with curved banana leaves as an alternative to conventional wraps while using non-GMO product. Hence, you can use healthy products over dangerous roll paper.

      These five things are the real differentiator of this product from the rest of the conventional smoking rolling burnt leaf. It adds value and grace to smokers. It makes you look great with a banana-cured rolling leaf.

      Million bananas’ blunt wraps taste well and burn slowly. The banana leaf blunt wraps may be rolled into cones for convenience. While flavored wraps have flavor, the chemicals used to create that flavor are detrimental to your health. However, a banana leaf blunt offers a uniquely organic experience. We only use naturally grown, pesticide-free banana leaves in our products. At Million Bananas, you may buy the slow-burning banana cones and wraps that are the most
      natural and organic.

      We offer natural and tobacco-free Blunt wraps and cones. We use the curated banana leaves to create these inventive blunt wraps. If you wish to explore this unique experience, feel free to order us at info@millionbananas.com.

      We ‘ll be more than happy to provide you a unique and pleasant smoking experience.

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