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      Real Non-tobacco Rolling papers | Blunts Leaf Wraps

      Million Bananas Real Non-Tobacco Cured Rolling Leaf Blunt Wraps

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      (19 customer reviews)

      Free Shipping Domestic USA
      *unpackaged leaves

      Our Leaf Of Banana is first of its kind.
      48 day hand processed: Slow Dried, Fermented, Cured
      Roll and wrap with durability after moistening with water.

      dimensions of leaf 4” by 2.8”




      Real Non-Tobacco Blunt Leaf Wraps

      Unpackaged Leaves
      Free Shipping Domestic USA
      Million Bananas Rolling Cured rolling papers and leaf natural leaf of banana
      dimensions of leaf
      2.8 inch by 4 inch

      Our Leaf Of Banana is the first of its kind.
      48-day hand-processed: Slow Dried, Fermented, Cured
      Roll and wrap with durability after moisturizing with water.

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      Weight N/A
      Dimensions 4 × 2.8 in

      10, 40, 100, 300

      19 reviews for Million Bananas Real Non-Tobacco Cured Rolling Leaf Blunt Wraps

      1. Frederick

        Product is good but someone must have tampered with my product during packaging since there were a few packets missing. If I didn’t need my product ASAP I would have returned it. But the product itself is good.

      2. David

        I buy Cured Rolling Leaf Blunt Wrap product last week and it really has many benefits.

      3. Alex

        Awesome product

      4. James

        Its Banana Leaves are very safe and nature protected

      5. Robert

        It is more durable than other products.

      6. Tony B

        Best tasting all natural organic rolling leaf
        Just moisten til soft for the best rolling experience

      7. John

        It is one of the best Non-tobacco leaf wrap products.

      8. Peter

        Its banana leaves are very soft to use.

      9. Allen

        Thanks for providing Rolling Leaf Blunt Wrap. It is easy to use and nature friendly.

      10. Michael

        Best nature SEO friendly leaf blunt wrap

      11. Kelly

        Its service is very professional in nature and takes care of all of our needs.

      12. Joseph

        I love rolling leaves. This is smoother and natural smoke than using any kind of leaf or cigar.

      13. Alexander

        These are the only rolling leaf blunt wrap that is smooth and easy to burn.

      14. Oliver

        These wraps are the best I have ever used. Great product.

      15. Alexa

        Honestly, I am really satisfied with the product

      16. Adam

        This is remarkable. It is easy to use and set up.

      17. Bob

        These blunt leaf wraps are great. I highly recommend it to anyone.

      18. Peter

        These wraps are smoother without the extra chemicals. I highly recommend it.

      19. Bob Smith

        I really enjoy these wraps. Its taste is good.

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